Events Calendar and Member Resources

Some information on this site is for members only – a login is required.   Contact Rachel Dropp – for access to controlled information.

Member-Only Content

Member Documents – Google Docs
Member Announcements – Google Groups Announcements
Member Events Calendar – Read-Only PDF
Member Events Calendar – Google Calendar


Note that all announcements are sent via email automatically to members included in Google Groups distribution list.

Instructions for OFRC Members to join the OFRC Members Group:

  1. Group members can access documents, announcements, member event calendar, and other member-only features.  Only members and associate members are permitted.  To join the group, contact OFRC Membership.
  2. You can use any email address to join the group.  Membership will add approved members to the Google Group, which will allow members to receive emails.
  3. To access member-only website features (event calendar, docs, announcements), your email address must also be registered with Google:
    • Gmail users – If your email address is a gmail address (eg,, no other actions are required.  You are already registered.
    • All other email users – If your email address is not a gmail address, (eg,,  you will need to register your address with Google at this link, and assign a password to access site features.  Until you register, you will not be able to access secure areas of this site. Note:  some users have reported that they are notified during this registration process that their account “already exists,” even though they have not yet registered.  If this happens, follow the “forgot my password” instructions at the bottom of the page.  Your account is already on the email distribution list, and Google may be a bit confused.  Password reset has fixed this problem for most users.
  4. If you do not register, you will still continue to receive any notifications via email sent to the group – but you will not be able to log into member-only resources on the website.

Changing your “Display Name” in Google Groups

You may notice that the name displayed in Google Groups is just the email of the member.  Aside from the Groups administrator, no one else can see this name.  If you’d like to add your name, log into Google Groups and use the Gear icon to change your name.  Unfortunately, Administrators cannot do this.  🙁

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