OFRC and Combat! TV Series

Are you aware that Korbel, Hop Kiln and the Odd Fellows Road bridge were all shooting locations for the 1960’s TV show Combat!?  Starring Vic Morrow and other famous names, the show followed WWII American soldiers on campaigns around the European countryside.  Scenes where the soldiers were maneuvering through French vineyards were filmed around Guerneville vineyards.  Korbel doubled as a French chateau and a train station.  Troops are seen marching up Odd Fellows Road on the North side of the bridge.  And our own Odd Fellows Road bridge was the scene of a daring raid where the bridge was actually blown up.   See season 5, Episode 2 “The Losers” at this link to watch the action.  Or see this episode which shows Korbel.  According to Karen Francis, everyone in the park knew the bridge was to be blown up on a certain day, and everyone planned to go down to watch.  However, the film crew blew it up a day earlier, so park members missed out on the action.

A small bit of great OFRC history.


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